static function Tween.IncreaseGameSpeedOnBlock(bool value)

If true, then it automatically increases the game speed when a blocking tween is playing. It will restore the game speed back to its original speed when the blocking tween stops playing.


static function Tween.IncreaseGameSpeed()

Increases the game speed to at least 60 loops per second (unless your game is set to a faster game speed than that). This produces improved tween quality.


static function Tween.RestoreGameSpeed()

Restores the game speed back to the previous speed before IncreaseGameSpeed was called.


static function Tween.StopAll(optional TweenStopResult)

Stops all Tweens that are currently running.


static function Tween.WaitForAllToFinish()

Waits until all non-looping and non-blocking Tweens are finished playing.