Tween Module for Adventure Game Studio

The Tween Module is a script module for Adventure Game Studio (AGS) that can be used to script "inbetweening". The module allows you to control many properties in GUIs, GUI controls, Room Objects, Characters, Region, Audio, and more. It allows these inbetweens to be blocking, non blocking, or to loop them, and it features acceleration/deceleration easing functions.

See Getting Started for the basics.

Example Usage

function _tweenDisplay(int transparency, int toX, int toY, int toWidth, int toHeight, TweenEasingType easing) {
  float delay = 0.0;
  if(transparency > 50) {
    delay = 0.4;
    gDisplay.TweenTransparency(0.1, transparency, eEaseLinearTween, eNoBlockTween, delay),
    gDisplay.TweenPosition(0.5, toX, toY, easing, eNoBlockTween),
    gDisplay.TweenSize(0.5, toWidth, toHeight, easing, eNoBlockTween)


  1. Download the module from here.
  2. Open the AGS Editor and your game.
  3. Remove the existing Tween module from the AGS Editor: Right-click on it and select "Delete".
  4. Import Tween.scm: Right-click in Scripts and select "Import..."
  5. Make sure that the Tween module is at the top or close to the top of the script list: In AGS 3.3 or above you can drag the script. In earlier versions, you can right-click and select "Move Up" until it's at the top.
  6. If you were using Tween 1.x, then you can also import Tween1Compatiblity.scm. Make sure that it is placed right below the Tween script module.


Visit the AGS forums and post in the Tween 2.x thread:

You can also post in the ags-tween Github at: